Residential remodeling


Farmingdale Plumbing and Heating are easy to reach, easy to open, and provide storage for everything you need. Perhaps even better than that, they’re works of art.

Flooring is non-slip, comfortable, easy to clean, and easy on the eyes. Lighting illuminates task areas and your unique style, whether it is traditional or modern. It may also highlight glass-fronted cabinetry, or provide focus on an eating area.

Kitchen space is optimized for the most efficient work flow. Perhaps you’ve added a second sink to accommodate another cook, or a dine–in area for those family and friends who inevitably hang out in the kitchen.

Our photo galleries contain hundreds of photos documenting projects we have completed, from prefabricated to semi-custom and fully custom cabinetry made with exotic species. This collection of images alone is a tremendous resource of ideas for every kitchen, bathroom or a basement finishing project.
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