Drain cleaning


Farmingdale Plumbing and Heating Services specialize in high pressure cleaning techniques that ensure safe, efficient and economical clearing and cleaning of essential services. Purpose built equipment that is versatile and able to access difficult areas delivers you of the problem that's wasting time and money.

Farmingdale Plumbing and Heating Services truck mounted drain/pipe cleaning units are ideal for:

Drain cleaning

A variety of attachments are used to clean a wide range of materials from all sizes of storm water and sewerage pipes, root cutting in 4 and 6 inch pipes, internal tank wash downs and culverts.

Volume blasting

A unique gun is used to deliver a high volume of water at low pressure to clean railway wagons, heavy build-up on beams, drill rigs, large floor areas, plant wash downs, blockages in large piping and pipe flushing. A variety of nozzles are used to clear and flush blockages in pipes from 50mm to 1 meter. This is done by rear firing jets on the nozzle.  

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